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  2. Patrik Bartosak. The great thing about shooting events like this at the practice center is access to players. The locker room was directly behind, I turned around and snapped this quick.
    Emerson Etem
    Devante Smith-Pelly
    Jordan Weal
    Kings Goal Celebration
    John Gibson. Probably my favorite shot from the two-game series. Something about ice spray just gets me excited about a photo.
    Hampus Lindholm. Was hoping the entire team would come out at the same time and make for a cool shot. Unfortunately, they came out a few at a time...
    Scott Sabourin
    Devante Smith-Pelly
    Zac Leslie & Devante Smith-Pelly. Here you can see I'm fighting the reflections pretty bad. Thinking about trying to build myself a tent to butt up against the glass. Don't want to spend $50 on one.

    I had the opportunity to photograph the second game of the SoCal Hockey Futures Game at the Kings practice center in El Segundo.  Unfortunately, it’s dark, not evenly lit and has no holes cut out in the plexiglass.  The glass is filthy with stick & puck marks, spit, spray, and every other disgusting thing you’d expect to see at a public rink.  

    I shot the entire game at ISO 3200 and probably underexposed by -1/2 to a full stop.  I shot mostly at 1/800th but probably should have shot at 1/640th or slower.  

    Anyways, it was nice to see a great turnout.  The Ducks brought both Emerson Etem and Devante Smith-Pelly, two kids with NHL experience.  John Gibson, one of the top young American goaltenders got the start for the Ducks.

    This blog is obviously a work in progress. Re-sized the photos so the portrait shots show up full on-screen on smaller monitors.  Bear with me…

  3. Linden Vey
    Rickard Rakell. Been trying to get a shot like this for a while. Only a couple spots in each arena allow for this perspective along the benches.
    J.F. Berube
    Jordan Weal
    Valentin Zykov
    Kurtis MacDermid
    Nick Shore. Using a 300mm allowed me to shoot down on the other end of the ice. But the hole is so small, you're pretty limited at what you can cover.
    Emerson Etem & Colin Miller
    Colin Miller & Steven Whitney
    Valentin Zykov

    I had the opportunity to photograph the SoCal Hockey Futures Game a few weeks back at Honda Center.  Over 7,500 people showed up for the free event.  I think the 97 degree heat outside had alot to do with the huge crowd.

    The Ducks Team Photographer & I were the only one shooting the game.  So she gave me free reign to shoot from anywhere.  I was able to shoot from the a photo hole usually assigned to AP Images during the regular season.  It’s a great perspective to shoot from.  The action is always coming right at you.

    I brought a 300mm just in case I got kicked to the top of the concourse but instead used it to shoot down on the other end of the ice.  It gives you a different perspective for sure, but it’s pretty cumbersome to try and switch back and forth between a 70-200mm around your neck and a 300mm down by your feet.  If a power play is occurring down on the other end of the ice, the 300mm is perfect.  But other than trying to shoot a few portraits at center-ice, the 300mm is just too heavy to hand hold for me while trying to smash it up against the plexi-glass hole cut for a 70-200.

    I was also able to cover the 2nd game of the series in El Segundo.  I’ll try and post some photos from that tomorrow.

  4. 2013 4th Round Pick - Justin Auger
    2013 2nd Round Pick - Valentin Zykov
    2011 5th Round Pick - Joel Lowry
    2013 2nd Round Pick - Valentin Zykov
    2013 4th Round Pick Justin Auger
    2010 2nd Round Pick - Tyler Toffoli
    Camp Invitee - Alex Fontinos
    2013 Development Camp
    2013 5th Round Pick - Patrik Bartosak
    2013 5th Round Pick - Patrick Bartosak

    Took the day off with the hopes of getting in a whole day of shooting the new crop of L.A. Kings prospects at TSC.  Unfortunately, the coaching staff had other plans. Instead of their usual three early AM sessions and one late afternoon session, they were going to play one scrimmage at 10:30 AM.

    I was disappointed I didn’t get more time to shoot but satisfied I got to shoot something.  The glass is filthy at TSC.  It’s a lot of spray and pray.

    A few of my favorites…

  5. Really excited about some of the images I got from the Grand Prix.  Thumbing thru them now…thinking I can put together a pretty nice Takuma Sato Photo Essay together…